Senza sapere dove siamo diretti


“Without knowing where we are headed…” di Nalan Yırtmaç

L’opera è composta di ritratti di intellettuali armeni arrestati, esiliati e uccisi il 24 aprile 1915

Nalan Yırtmaç was born in Istanbul in 1969. She graduated from the Painting Department in the Faculty of Fine Arts at Mimar Sinan University in 1994. She was an active member of a group of young artists who manages to enunciate a post-punk scene in Istanbul in the first half of nineties.  Yırtmaç has had several solo exhibitions, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions and biennials in Turkey and abroad including Austria, France, Germany and Denmark.


Istanbul – Exibition at DEPO center

Opening: Friday, 3 April 18:30

Dates: 4 April 2015 – 26 April 2015

One hundred years ago, on April 24, 1915, Armenian opinion leaders, parliamentarians, journalists, writers, and politicians were arrested in İstanbul and sent to concentration camps in Çankırı and Ayaş. Later, most of them were slain by band members set loose from prisons. These arrests constitute the first step of the Committee of Union and Progress government’s decision of deportation which soon evolves into a genocide. Following the arrest of approximately 250 people on the night of the 23rd leading up to the 24th, a massive police operation is set underway which targets 2500 people over the course of a couple of days.

“It may be that one day we would be forced to go, but… We would set out just like those in 1915 did… Like our forefathers… Without knowing where we were headed… Walking on the roads they trod… Feeling the torment, living the pain…”
From Hrant Dink’s article “Like a nervous pigeon: my unsettled state of mind”



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